Easy to bid with Montrose Auction!

Attend the auction!

The best of all possible worlds is to attend the live auction in person. This puts you right in-front of the auctioneer, allows you to place bids directly. No apps, clerks or Internet to get in the way of your bidding. Making it easy to pick your entry and exit points.

By attending the auction preview, you’ll get a chance to inspect and view the lots offered.

Absentee bidding!

Absentee bids can be entered in person, by phone (with established clients), email and fax. Just fill out the absentee bid form and return prior the auction start. Can’t stay for the auction, not a problem, visit the office to fill out an absentee bid form. Only see a few items that fit your collection, submit an absentee bid form.

Montrose Auction Inc. will execute your bids competitively against other bids, i.e. live, phone, Internet and absentee. In the case of a tie bid, the auctioneer will recognize the earliest bid entered as the winning bidder.

Bidder Form

Phone bidding!

Lots too important to miss, bidding by telephone is the answer. By making arrangements prior to the auction, we will schedule one of our trained staff to give you a call as your lots approach. This is the next best thing, if you can’t attend the auction in person.

Our staff will guide you in every step of the way, telling you the current bid and relaying the asking bid price. The staff member then relays your bids to the auctioneer. By phone bidding you’ll have instance feedback, knowing whether you’ve won!

Phone Bid Form

Live Internet bidding!

Live Internet bidding is available through proxibid. Our partnership with proxibid started over 12 years ago. Here you will be able to enter absentee bids, bid live during the auction or just follow along as the auctioneer progresses through the catalog. With our dedicated business class Internet service, you can be assured your bids will be telegraphed to the auctioneer in a quick and decisive manner.

Pre-bidding starts when the catalog is posted. All lots start at zero. By the time the auction goes live, many of the lots already have starting pre-bids. In most cases, the auctioneer will start the bidding at the pre-bid amount, as these bids represent the current high bid.