The Auction Company with the Loudest Trumpet or fanciest ad may not be serving your best interest when it comes to the sale of your collection.

We see it all the time, large auction houses combining your consigned firearms into large groupings to better suit their bottom line.  Montrose Auction is the right size to sell your collection just the way you bought it, piece by piece.  We serve the everyday collector with world-class service.  Selling affordable and practical firearms at a competitive commission and buyer premium rates.

Although Montrose Auction has not yet sold a $100,000 firearm, much less a firearm over the $1 Million mark, we are the best choice for the collector whose firearms are valued between the $100 to $10,000 range.  When it is time to market your firearms, take a moment to consider Montrose Auction and see if your collection aligns with the quality collector and shooter grade firearms we specialize in.

Services Provided

Montrose Auction takes care of all the details associated with the sale of your consignment items.  All you have to do is sit back and collect your proceeds.

  • Professional and Careful handling of your items
  • Detailed Description to maximize value
  • Professional High-Resolution Detailed Photography
  • Marketing via various Auction Platforms, Print, and Media
  • Placement timing to based on market demand
  • Transportation of your items.
    • In-Person Drop off
    • Shipping
    • Complimentary Pick-Up of your Collection*
  • Insured and Climate Controlled Storage
  • Prompt Payment of Proceeds*

Items Accepted

We accept all Firearms and related accessories as well as Wartime memorabilia.

  • Firearms – All Makes, Model, and Calibers
  • Firearm Accessories
  • Reloading Supplies and Equipment
  • Ammunition
  • Edged Weapons
  • Hunting and Sporting Supplies
  • Uniforms, Medals, Flags

Consign my Collection

Ready to Consign your collection with Montrose Auction, Inc.  We value your trust and appreciate your business.  Please take a few minutes to review and complete our Consignment Agreement, then give us a call to schedule your pick-up.